Opinion | Liz Walker

Something wonderfully righteous about Red Sox victory

It is a magical time when an entire community can share a mountaintop experience, the stuff of bible stories, legends, and song.

The Red Sox story has always been about much more than sports, but now, more than ever, it is the ultimate story about the ascension of the human spirit and the great capacity of a collective heart. It doesn’t matter if we were dancing in the smoke of the fireworks at Fenway or celebrating with pizza in front of the TV . . . the Red Sox victory has given us all a moment on the heights where we can truly see the promise and possibilities of community.

The Marathon bombing robbed us of lives and innocence and left us with a sense of despair. Recovery has not been easy. There have been many hard lessons to learn. We now know that enemies are among us and evil is real. Even so, we know that life must go on. We can never give up on the world or ourselves.


We have learned that healing can begin the moment of the fall, and while it is slow and painful, it is more bearable when we lean on each other. It is the leaning that makes this victory so sweet. We were struck together. We helped each other back up and now we cheer as one, Boston Strong.

There is something so wonderfully righteous about this victory from the depths. The Red Sox Mountaintop experience affirms to all of us that hope is necessary, struggle must be collective, and a night of weeping can turn into a morning of joy.

The Rev. Liz Walker, the transitional preacher at Roxbury Presbyterian Church, was a WBZ-TV news anchor and reporter for more than two decades.