Gubernatorial hopefuls Coakley, Grossman release videos

Two top Democratic hopefuls for governor have released web videos in recent days, offering a peek into the messaging they are likely to emphasize over the course of a long campaign. Both Treasurer Steven Grossman and Attorney General Martha Coakley highlight efforts their respective offices have made to help people in the state.

In a highly-produced video released today, Grossman introduces himself to voters, speaks about his career as a businessman, and notes some actions he has taken as treasurer.

When he took office, he says he was troubled to find much of the state’s reserve deposits were invested in foreign banks. So, he says, he started a program to put more state deposits in local banks.


“Massachusetts taxpayers’ money should be in Massachusetts banks to be loaned to creditworthy small businesses right here in Massachusetts to create jobs for the people of Massachusetts,” he said.

Grossman also emphasizes his support for earned sick time legislation and hits a note of economic populism in the video, saying he will work to level the playing field for everyone.

“If Charles Dickens came back and wrote a book about Massachusetts in 2013, he’d call it ‘A Tale of Two Commonwealths,” he says. “One part of the Commonwealth doing unbelievably well; the other part of the Commonwealth: left out, left behind.”

Coakley has released two web videos of her own in the past week, highlighting the work her office has done on behalf of everyday citizens and local businesses.

The first tells the story of Kate Reynolds , who says in the video she was struggling with banks to get a home loan modification and avoid foreclosure after her husband was injured and their family’s financial picture changed. She says Coakley’s office helped her and she and her family were able to stay in their home.


The second, posted online Wednesday, tells the story of a Fitchburg-based company that was helped by the business division of Coakley’s office.

“To say that her office was an instrumental part of this success would be an understatement,” the CEO of the company says of Coakley.

Coakley launched her campaign in September with a video and a handshaking tour of the state.

Also running for the Democratic nomination for governor are Donald M. Berwick, a former Obama administration health care official; Joseph Avellone, a biotechnology executive; and Juliette N. Kayyem, a former state and federal homeland security official.

Charles D. Baker is widely expected to be the GOP nominee.

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