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Firefighters rescue worker trapped in ceiling of Hudson restaurant

A Hudson 99 Restaurant employee was trapped in the ceiling and had to be rescued after he attempted an unorthodox stunt to enter a locked office.

Marlborough resident Joseph Parker, 26, locked some keys in his manager’s office by mistake. He apparently decided the only way to get in the office and recover the keys was to crawl through the ceiling, officials said. Sometime during his crawl, he became stuck.

“He figured he could get over through the joists in the ceiling,” said Hudson Fire Chief John Blood. “It took us about 20 minutes to get him out.”

Firefighters were called at about 10:10 p.m. Sunday to the restaurant at 255 Washington St., where they discovered Parker trapped in the basement ceiling above the prep kitchen.


“What our guys ended up doing was loosening up some of the piping, and lowering it out of the way to get him out,” Blood said. “He refused any transport or treatment but said he felt some numbness.”

Blood said dining service was not interrupted during the rescue.

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