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    Nurse running 2014 Marathon for sick 5-year-old

    Hilary Hayden-Moryl.
    Hilary Hayden-Moryl.

    I am a nurse and I was in tent A the day of the Boston marathon bombing. I remember the bombs going off. I could feel them in my chest, hear the loud bang, and knew something was terribly wrong. When they told us to remain calm and that victims would be coming into the tent I panicked. I was not trained to work in trauma. The first victim I saw was Jeffrey Bauman. There was blood everywhere, and his leg bones were exposed. Behind him was a person on a stretcher that was being resuscitated. There was a television in the tent where we could see what was happening outside of the tent at the finish line. I was afraid to go outside to the victims. I froze. I could not call my family. I was helpless. This experience has changed me greatly. I am scarred, and now have PTSD and anxiety. I am fearful of going into big cities, and I have anxiety when I hear sirens, hear loud noises, or see the word bomb. I would love to run the Marathon for a little girl name Tia who has CDKL5 disorder. She is my inspiration now to run. Running for her would take this horrible experience and turn it into a positive one. I hope to be considered as a candidate for the 2014 Boston Marathon.


    Hilary Hayden-Moryl, a nurse from Ware, was selected to receive a special Marathon bib from the Boston Athletic Association after writing this essay.