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Boston not allowing parking space savers

A tradition born of snow — parking space savers — emerged Sunday after Boston drivers chiseled through several inches of ice-covered, heavy snow to get to their cars.

Various household items — chairs, buckets, and trash cans — dotted some city streets, saving newly shoveled parking spots.

On Sunday, and even as early as Saturday night, photos of space savers appeared on the social media websites Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. There were the classics, like the orange traffic cone, and those a bit more unique, like the beer keg in Allston.

But city officials warned that because no parking ban or snow emergency was declared during the weekend storm, objects left on the street will be considered trash and hauled away.

"This is not a snow event that rises to the level of space savers," said John Guilfoil, a spokesman for Mayor Thomas M. Menino. "We've seen much worse than this in Boston."