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A Democratic super PAC, trying to get ahead of a possible Scott Brown bid for a New Hampshire seat, is targeting the former senator from Massachusetts with a new television ad.

Paid for by Senate Majority PAC, an organization that aims to help Democrats maintain control of the Senate, the 30-second spot says Brown voted for Wall Street’s interests during his time in the Senate, 2010 to 2012. A spokesman said the ad would air for 10 days, mainly in the Manchester, N.H., market, on the strength of an advertising buy of slightly more than $150,000.

Brown struck back Wednesday, sending a fund-raising e-mail on behalf of the New Hampshire Republican Party, accusing Washington special interests of “rushing to Senator Shaheen’s defense and trying to prop her up by attacking me and distorting my record.”


In his e-mail, Brown gave no direct indication of his interest in the race.

In the ad, as Brown is portrayed against a paper currency backdrop, a narrator says that Brown is “shopping for a Senate seat in New Hampshire.”

“That’s good for Wall Street and great for Scott Brown, but it doesn’t make sense for New Hampshire,” the narrator intones.

Playing up Brown’s Bay State background, the spot features a Senate clerk’s voice repeatedly calling “the senator from Massachusetts.”

Last year, Brown sold his Wrentham home and moved to New Hampshire and has continued publicly flirting with the prospect of challenging Senator Jeanne Shaheen. People close to Brown are divided on whether he will run.

Brown’s return fire echoed an earlier statement from New Hampshire GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn, calling Shaheen “bought and paid for by politicians like [Senate majority leader] Harry Reid who are funding her dishonest campaign.”

In his fund-raising e-mail, Brown said that voters would “get a chance to hold her accountable and replace her with a fiscally responsible candidate. But Republicans will need to launch a vigorous campaign against the millions of dollars in special interest money that Shaheen’s Washington allies are willing to spend to protect her.”


Senate Majority PAC spent nearly $1.4 million last year on ads attacking Republican Gabriel Gomez in his Senate race against Democrat Edward J. Markey.

Brown is scheduled to help a Massachusetts candidate raise money next week. John Chapman, a former Romney administration official, is challenging Representative William Keating. Brown is the “special guest” at the Jan. 16 fund-raiser in Hyannis, according to a copy of the invitation obtained by the Globe.

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