Republican Gabriel E. Gomez, the former Navy SEAL and private equity investor who was his party’s nominee in the June 2013 special election for US Senate, said today he will not run for office in 2014.

After he lost the election to Democrat Edward J. Markey by 10 percentage points, Gomez had said he was considering another campaign for public office at the state or federal level.

But in a statement today, the Cohasset Republican said he would return to the business world for the time being.

“As the New Year begins and after much thought, I have decided not to seek elected office this fall. Instead, I’m excited to return to the private sector with the launch of a new business venture alongside a few close friends,” he said. “Politicians usually say opting not to run for office was a ‘hard decision’ to make. The truth is, this simply wasn’t the case for me. I’m not a professional politician, and will never be a professional campaigner.”


Gomez added he would continue to speak out on issues he cared about and left open the possibility he might run again sometime in the future.

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