Bridgeport, Conn.

Urban farmer holds forced-sale of stock on Craigslist

An urban farmer in Bridgeport is advertising chickens, donkeys, and pigs on Craigslist as he faces pressure to end his operation. The Connecticut Post reported that Christopher Toole is offering three donkeys for $300 each and says they are a family and must stay together. Five pigs run for between $120 and $150 apiece as do his 16 goats. Fifty chickens cost $10 a hen and roosters are $20. Toole was ordered to unload his animals at the end of January. His Craigslist ad says he has agreed to sell any remaining animals to an unidentified rescue group on Monday, with Sunday the last day of the sale. A state Department of Agriculture spokesman said Friday the agency intends to follow up to make sure Toole shuts down his urban menagerie.