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Statement from the Remy family

Obviously, no one from my family can engage in a public dialogue about these specific accusations and stories during a criminal investigation. But, what I can say is that some of the allegations offered by sources are blatantly false.

I can also say that, unfortunately, no parents are immune from trouble with their children. My wife and I did everything we could to provide Jared with the necessary professional help for any of his personal issues, including ongoing treatment for the mental health issues from which he suffers. My wife and I have also repeatedly sought to assist the victims of Jared’s behavior. We have on multiple occasions welcomed Tiffany Guyette into our home, provided her with alternative housing and have gotten her into residential programs. Neither my wife nor I ever encouraged or even suggested to a victim of Jared’s behavior, or to anyone in his or her family, that he or she not go to the appropriate authorities for any incident in which Jared may have been involved.


Jared did have a significant number of criminal charges beginning in high school and continuing into his twenties relating to his anger and lack of self-control. Again, we engaged multiple professionals to work with Jared and to help to treat his issues and, for over 9½ years (between December 2005 - August 2013), Jared had not a single charge other than one traffic violation. My family and I were finally hopeful that Jared’s issues were being successfully treated through the various programs and mental health professionals with whom he was working.

What occurred in August 2013 took my family by complete surprise. We loved Jennifer and treated her as if she was our own daughter. She and Jared were together for six years without incident and she was the best thing that ever happened to Jared. We never could have foreseen what occurred that night. Despite reports indicating Jennifer was encouraged to drop the restraining order that was granted on August 13th, no one in my family encouraged her to do so. To the contrary, we sought to make sure Jennifer was safe and arranged for her and our granddaughter, Arianna, to spend the night with our daughter, Jenna, on the night of August 14, 2013. Jenna also invited and encouraged Jennifer to continue staying with her and we indicated to Jennifer that we wanted her to do whatever was necessary to be safe.


We will always be haunted and saddened by this senseless tragedy. Our focus now and in the future will be on continuing to provide love and support to our granddaughter, Arianna.