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Newly declared New Hampshire US Senate candidate Scott Brown, working to introduce himself to voters in his new home state, is set to launch his first television ad on Monday, according to an aide.

The folksy, simple thirty-second spot — which does not mention Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, the incumbent Brown is aiming to unseat — begins with video of Brown’s famous GMC pickup truck rolling down a snowy road.

“Scott Brown has almost 300,000 miles on this truck,” a male narrator intones. “Over the last few weeks, it’s taken him all across New Hampshire, listening, learning.”

Brown has heard that people want an “America that leads the world again,” a health care system that works, and better economic prospects, the narrator says.


The spot concludes with an unseen man saying: “Go get ’em, Scott!”

Positive ads, such as this one, are often used to help build up a specific, positive image of a candidate. A poll released last month found while most New Hampshire voters had heard of Brown, more had an unfavorable view of him than a favorable one. This is likely part of an effort to boost the number of Granite State residents who see him in a positive light.

The ad will air on New Hampshire TV station WMUR beginning Monday, the aide said, but did specify for how long.

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