A touch of spring is in the air this week

After last week’s seesawing weather conditions, this week’s forecast is a return to normalcy.

“Normal [high temperatures] for Boston is 63, so we’re near seasonable most of the week,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Kim Buttrick. “The average low is 47 degrees.”

Today’s weather will be perfectly average then, with high temperatures cresting at 63 degrees before dropping to 47 degrees this evening. Conditions should be mostly cloudy and dry all day, forecasters said.

Some sunshine should appear Tuesday, with mostly sunny skies and high temperatures in the lower 60s. Skies could become partly cloudy in the afternoon as temperatures lower into the mid-40s.


Skies will be sunny and clear Wednesday, with highs climbing back up to 63 degrees. Some clouds should arrive in the evening as low temperatures sink to 48 degrees.

“Unsettled conditions are expected for later in the week, maybe as early as Thursday,” Buttrick said. “It’s a storm system moving in from the Midwest, and we’re expecting rain.”

Thursday will start out partly sunny, with highs near 63 degrees. Some clouds should roll in during the afternoon as the rain showers approach. Low temperatures should be in the upper 40s.

Friday will be mostly cloudy and a bit cooler, with high temperatures cresting in the lower 60s. Rain should arrive in the afternoon as skies become cloudier. Low temperatures should be warmer than usual, staying in the lower 50s overnight.

Rain will continue into the weekend, with showers possible through Sunday afternoon, forecasters said.

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