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New $30 scratch ticket nets $90m in sales so far

The Massachusetts state lottery's new $30 scratch ticket, called the World Class Millions game.
The Massachusetts state lottery's new $30 scratch ticket, called the World Class Millions game.handout

The state’s most expensive scratch ticket is enticing players who believe that paying big can lead to winning big.

Since the release of the $30 World Class Millions scratch tickets on April 22, 2.9 million tickets have been sold in 51 towns. That has amounted to nearly $90 million in sales, which is expected to reach $756 million by the time tickets run out, said state lottery spokesman Christian Teja.

“People are very excited about the $15 million grand prize, which is the largest instant prize the Massachusetts lottery has ever offered,” Teja said Friday in a telephone interview. “The probability of winning on this game is 1 in 2.81, and those are extremely great odds.”


Over $600 million is offered in prize money, split between four $15 million prizes, 36 $1 million prizes, and more than a million prizes ranging from $100 to $50,000.

Before World Class Millions was introduced, the highest-priced scratch ticket offered in the state was $20.

“We felt that the market was ready for a $30 ticket,” Teja said. “We’re coming off of a record sales year, and the lottery has been consistently successful, so we thought this was a good time to introduce it.”

For players who shelled out $30 and lost, the ticket offers five second-chance drawings online. Players can submit their losing ticket number online and be entered to win a $1 million prize.

By May 24, two of the $1 million prizes have been claimed.

Massachusetts was not the first to introduce a pricey scratch ticket. Connecticut launched a $30 ticket in 2002, and New Hampshire followed suit in 2009.

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