Burst pipe floods small area in North End

A burst pipe flooded the US Coast Guard facility and a nearby street in the North End with several inches of water early Wednesday morning, officials said.

The 16-inch high-pressure pipe burst near the intersection of Commercial and Hanover streets at about 2:45 a.m., said Sean Canty, a spokesman for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission.

“There were two construction vehicles over where the water was coming out, so it could have been caused by construction in the area,” Canty said.

Boston police and workers from the city and the Water and Sewer Commission rushed to move vehicles that were blocking water shutoffs.


By 4 a.m., the water had been shut off to the pipe, which supplies fire hydrants in the area.

“It didn’t cause any public safety issues for the area, because the two fire hydrants on the opposite side of the road were still active, but it did spill a lot of water,” Canty said.

Traffic was shut down in the area as workers repaired the pipe. The streets were reopened in time for the morning rush hour.

“We were able to keep the street down for a very short period of time,” Canty said. “It was a great coordinated effort.”

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