Spotlight follow-up

Notorious landlord has another problem to explain

Operating a dormitory with possible structural issues and no valid license

Anwar Faisal, one of Boston’s most notorious landlords, is housing international high school students in a building for which he does not have a proper license and whose facade Boston University considered structurally unsound when it sold the property to him in 2006. Here are documents related to the Globe's report:

ISD violation notice

The city's Inspectional Services Department gives Faisal a violation notice for a brick wall at 1110 Commonwealth Ave. that the city says is "in disrepair and crumbling."


ISD issues wall certificate

After Faisal was cited for the crumbling wall, the city required Faisal to submit a report from a structural engineer. Based on that report, inspectional services issued a wall certificate.


Inspection reports

After city inspectors cited Faisal for the crumbling brick wall, he submitted a report from a structural engineer that claimed the building was structurally sound.


Faisal says he has no criminal record

In an application with the city's Board of Licensing, Anwar Faisal fills out a form declaring that he has never been convicted of a crime.


Lease agreement with CATS Academy

In a $2.3 million lease agreement with CATS Academy that Faisal attached to his application with the Board of Licensing, it appears the arrangement to lease rooms out to members of the public is formalized.