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Airliner leaving Logan gate scrapes neighbor

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a minor accident involving a Southwest Airlines jet and a parked JetBlue aircraft at Logan International Airport that tore a piece from one of the departing plane's wings Monday morning.

Flight 4552 was pushing back from the gate just after 7 a.m. when its left winglet clipped the right horizontal stabilizer of a JetBlue A-320 aircraft sitting at a neighboring gate, officials said.

The Southwest plane was being pushed back from its gate before departure to Kansas City when it collided with a JetBlue plane sittingnearby.Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

None of the 108 passengers on board the Southwest Airlines flight to Kansas City were injured.

The Boeing 737 was taken out of service for repairs and inspection, the airline said.

Passenger Aubin Dubois said that she felt a jolt when the plane struck the parked aircraft and that the jet appeared to become stuck.


"It felt like we weren't able to move," she told reporters at Logan Airport. Dubois posted a picture of the damage on Twitter.

The JetBlue aircraft, which was parked at Gate 11 in Terminal C, was empty and did not sustain any damage, airport officials said.

Southwest Airline officials said they rerouted the passengers. The accident did not affect other operations at the airport, officials said.

Another passenger said the accident felt like a "little bump."

"I was glad it happened on the ground and not in flight,'' Marcia Mitchell Cardello told WBZ-AM radio.

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