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Elizabeth Warren to headline fund-raiser for Jeanne Shaheen

Senator Elizabeth Warren.AP

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- You’d be forgiven for having déjà vu.

US Senator Elizabeth Warren, who beat Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts in 2012, is set to headline a fund-raiser on Monday in Boston for New Hampshire US Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the incumbent Brown is running to unseat, according to an invitation obtained by the Globe.

Warren, in her first in-person fund-raising event for Shaheen this year, will help shake the money-tree for her fellow Democrat at a breakfast event. The requested donation levels range from $1,000 for an individual to $5,200 for a host, according to the invite.

The fund-raiser benefits Shaheen Victory Fund 2014, a joint political committee of Shaheen’s campaign, and the New Hampshire Democratic Party, the invitation says.


Warren has previously helped raised money for Shaheen via e-mail pitches.

In April, after Brown said he would make his bid to unseat Shaheen official, Warren spoke briefly about the race.

“This will be up to the people of the Commonwealth ... whoops, this will be up to the people of New Hampshire,” Warren said, laughing. “But I think Scott Brown is going to have his hands full.”

Brown faces a GOP primary challenge but is expected to win his party’s nod and battle Shaheen for the US Senate seat in November.

Like most federal candidates, Brown and Shaheen soon face a quarterly fund-raising deadline. How much each raises will be seen as a barometer of their campaigns’ health.

As it happens, Monday, the day of the fund-raiser, is the last day of the quarter.

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