Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker raised substantially more money than his three Democratic rivals in June and had the most money in the bank on Monday, according to preliminary fund-raising figures provided by the candidates’ respective campaigns.

Baker raised about $400,000 in June, his campaign said.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Martha Coakley brought in $173,000 for the month, former Medicare chief Donald M. Berwick raised about $163,000, and Treasurer Steven Grossman scooped up $151,000, the Democrats’ respective campaigns said.

Baker had about a million dollars in the bank as of Monday, while Grossman had $932,000, Coakley had $490,000, and Berwick had $225,000, their respective campaigns said.


Baker spent about $175,000 for the month, while Coakley spent $214,000, Berwick spent $160,000 and Grossman spent $130,000.

Venture capital investor Jeffrey S. McCormick, one of three independent candidates running to succeed Governor Deval Patrick, raised $17,000 in June, spent $192,000 and had $36,000 in cash on hand Monday, according to McCormick spokesman Peter Wilson.

The campaign manager for former business executive and lawyer Evan Falchuk, another independent candidate, did not return an email asking for his June finance figures.

Pastor Scott Lively, the third independent gubernatorial hopeful, did not immediately return a text message asking for his fund-raising numbers.

Mark R. Fisher, a Republican challenging Baker for the GOP nomination said in an email he thought his fund-raising numbers would be filed to the state on Wednesday, but did not provide them.

Official fund-raising reports for June are not due in to the state’s Office of Campaign and Political Finance until July 7.

Fund-raising figures are a public barometer of a campaign’s health. Candidates use the money for everything from paying staff salaries to buying lawn signs.

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