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Side-by-side comparison of Fleishman, Patrick remarks

Deval Patrick and David Fleishman

Newton Superintendent David Fleishman this week was fined over allegations that his commencement speech repeated parts of an address by Governor Deval Patrick.

Below is a comparison of their selected remarks — Fleishman's at the Newton South High School commencement and Patrick's at Boston University's graduation.

These quotes are courtesy of Boston University and The Lion's Roar newspaper at Newton South High School.

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On connection

Patrick: "Real human connection, the nuance of empathy and understanding, is often more gradual and elongated than Twitter."

Fleishman: "Lastly, personal connection, the nuance of empathy and understanding, is often more incremental and complex than Twitter."


On citizenship

Patrick: "However, given the level of personal engagement that good citizenship demands, I have been wondering whether this kind of citizenship is in jeopardy."

Fleishman: "However, I worry that this level of face-to-face conversation, which is necessary for good citizenship, is in jeopardy."

On information

Patrick: "Modern society is awash in information and grappling with how to make the most of social media. It is a force in casual communication, in business marketing, in celebrity. It transformed politics..."

Fleishman: "Modern society is overflowing with information and this will only magnify as social media evolves. It is significant in casual communication, entertainment, business, and politics."

On peace

Patrick: "Social media, as we have seen, can start a revolution. But can it bring peace?"

Fleishman: "We saw social media lead to revolutions in the Middle East, but did it bring peace?"

On love

Patrick: "Sometime today, put your tablet or smartphone aside, look you Mom and Dad in the eye and tell them you love them."

Fleishman: "One way to begin tonight is to briefly put down your phone and personally thank that many people who have supported you along the way."