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Woodchuck rescued from sewer grate in Danvers

Police and public works employees made a big rescue of a little victim in Danvers on Friday morning.

Danvers and Wenham police, along with the DPW workers, freed a woodchuck from a sewer grate after a concerned passerby heard him in distress, said Sarah Slavin, a Danvers police crime analyst.

Police arrived at about 10:15 a.m., Slavin said, and pried the grate from the ground. After the grate was off, she said, the animal managed to "wriggle free" and ran away into some nearby brush.

The whole production took about 20 minutes.

Slavin said animal rescues are not a common occurrence for the Danvers police.


"I know they rescued some ducklings earlier this spring that fell into a sewer grate, but for the most part, no, not really," she said.

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