Firefighters worked to free a woman from a stuck elevator Monday afternoon at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the city’s Back Bay section.

Firefighters were called to the Boylston Street hotel at 2:30 p.m., the department said in an official tweet.

The elevator was stopped at the fourth level, but there was no door at that floor, officials said.

An hour and a half after the problem was reported, the department said the woman in the elevator was talking to firefighters and had “no medical issues, no distress.”

Shortly after 4 p.m., the Fire Department said mechanics had been able to move the elevator and free the woman.


“They were able to mechanically kind of jack it up into position where it needed to be,” Deputy Fire Chief Bart Shea told reporters at the scene. “She’s happy, healthy, and no worse for wear.”

Shea added that there were no problems with the rescue.

“It’s easiest when you can do it this way, to have the mechanics do what they can first before you do anything kind of dangerous, as far as opening shafts,” he said.

“It works for the best to do it this way, as long as you have the time, and someone’s not in any distress, and she wasn’t.”

According to its website, the Mandarin Oriental Hotel has 136 rooms and 12 “spacious suites.”

The offerings include the Dynasty Suite, with 2,600 square feet, available for $8,000 per night.

Martin Finucane of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Travis Andersen can be reached at travis.andersen@globe.com.