Jeanne Shaheen set to launch general election ads

US Senator Jeanne Shaheen will begin airing two new television advertisements — one sharply negative against Scott Brown, one brightly positive — on Tuesday.

The first spot paints Brown, her likely GOP opponent, as driven by self-interest and monied interests rather than an everyman looking out for regular folks. The second highlights her accomplishments for New Hampshire, from protecting jobs to helping get a clinic for veterans open to backing big local transportation projects.

Taken together, the ads distill earlier TV efforts from Shaheen and highlight the major contrast the first-term senator is pitching to voters between her and Brown, who is widely expected to win today’s GOP primary and face Shaheen in November. Shaheen has no competition in today’s Democratic primary.


Brown, for his part, has defined himself as an independent voice for New Hampshire and repeatedly attacked Shaheen for voting in lockstep with President Obama, who polls have found is not popular in New Hampshire.

Shaheen’s new 30-second attack TV ad begins with a male narrator speaking over big band music.

“The real Scott Brown, not this guy,” he says as an image of a smiling Brown, in his trademark barncoat, flashes on the screen. “This guy,” the narrator says, as the image of Brown changes to one of him looking angry in a tuxedo. The soundtrack warbles: “money, money.”

The ad juxtaposes actions Brown has taken with things that have happened to everyday people.

It attacks Brown for having “voted Big Oil more than $20 billion in taxpayer subsidies,” while gas prices have gone up. It’s referencing a 2012 vote by Brown against allowing a bill aimed at curtailing certain tax benefits for large oil companies from moving forward, along with a similar 2011 vote on a similar bill.

It also dings Brown for having “saved Wall Street $19 billion” — referring to his opposition as a Massachusetts US senator to a proposed tax on big banks and hedge funds — while people have faced foreclosures.


Finally, it says he is getting money from a company that sends jobs to other countries. The Telegraph of Nashua reported last month that Brown has earned almost $300,000 “sitting on the board of directors of a Massachusetts company with a penchant for exporting jobs to cheap foreign labor alternatives such as China ...”

The ad ends with narrator saying Brown is not for New Hampshire, never was and never will be.

Elizabeth Guyton, a Brown spokeswoman, brushed off the spot.

“Negative attacks didn’t stop Scott Brown in the primary, and they’re not going to stop him now,” she said in a statement.

Guyton added that attack spots won’t “obscure the major difference in this race: Jeanne Shaheen votes with President Obama 99% of the time. Scott Brown will be an independent senator who votes for New Hampshire first.”

Shaheen’s second ad, the positive one, reprises themes from previous ads she has aired.

It features New Hampshire people praising her work on their behalf and trumpeting her bipartisan credentials.

“She fights for the people of New Hampshire,” a man identified as Eddie DeBlois says near the end of the 30-second spot.

The ads, which will air on Boston-area broadcast television, WMUR-TV and statewide New Hampshire cable television, are set to begin this evening.

“These ads highlight the very clear choice voters will have in November,” said Mike Vlacich, Shaheen’s campaign manager, in a statement. “Scott Brown is in this race for his own interests ... Jeanne Shaheen has spent her entire career fighting to make a difference for New Hampshire ...”


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