2 great white sharks spotted off coast of Chatham

Great white sharks were spotted off Chatham.
Great white sharks were spotted off Chatham. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy/Wayne Davis

The weather is cooler, school vacations are over, and the crowds have dwindled on the beach. And that may be a good thing.

Two great white sharks were spotted Tuesday off the coast of Chatham, officials said. Aerial photos taken by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy showed one shark being shadowed by a boat just behind the waves cascading onto the beach.

The sharks were identified and tagged by a team that included Greg Skomal, the state shark expert from the state Division of Marine Fisheries.

“They’re here every year,” Skomal said of the sharks. “We’ve been [tagging them] since 2009.”


These are the ninth and 10th great white sharks tagged by the marine fisheries division in 2014, Skomal said.


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