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Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker on Friday released an upbeat new television ad aimed at independents and Democrats whose votes he needs to win in November.

“I’m a lifelong Democrat,” says one male voter. Then another finishes the thought by saying, “I’m voting for Charlie Baker.”

The high-energy ad shows Baker laughing with patrons in a barber shop, fist-bumping a little girl, and walking a city street with William F. Weld, former governor. A voiceover highlights Baker’s work in Weld’s Cabinet, saying he “got people off welfare and made Massachusetts first in jobs.”

Voters of all stripes are backing Baker because he “delivers,” creating jobs, balancing budgets and fixing government, the ad says.


“Charlie Baker will lead Massachusetts in a new direction,” the ad says.

Two women in the ad also attest to Baker’s stance on abortion rights. “He’s prochoice,” says one, before a cut-in to a second who affirms, decisively, “prochoice.”

Baker has been paying special attention to female voters, whom he overwhelmingly lost to Governor Deval Patrick in his previous campaign for governor four years ago.

Baker’s last TV ad featured his daughter, and a recent Web video featured his wife. Though Baker captures more male voters than Democrat Martha Coakley, he faces a narrowing but persistent gender gap with women, who are more likely to support Coakley, Boston Globe polls have shown.

The latest poll shows Baker leading Coakley 40 percent to 38 percent. They are competing with three lesser-known independent candidates — Evan Falchuk, Scott Lively, and Jeff McCormick. Because registered Republicans are such a small minority in Massachusetts, barely 11 percent of registered voters, Baker needs to reach into the ranks of Democrats and unenrolled voters to prevail.

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