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New poll shows Charlie Baker, Martha Coakley deadlocked

Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Charlie Baker are deadlocked in the governor’s race and a ballot measure that would repeal the state’s casino law is struggling to get traction, according to a new Suffolk University/Boston Herald poll.

The survey of 500 likely voters found 44 percent supporting Coakley and 43 percent backing Baker.

Democratic attempts to paint Baker as insensitive to women’s issues appear to be having limited impact, according to the survey. Thirty-nine percent of voters say it was “condescending” for Baker to call a female reporter “sweetheart,” while 47 percent say it was not.

Baker said he was just kidding when he called the reporter sweetheart and then apologized. He has touted the women he put in leadership roles while working as a health insurance executive.


Forty-seven percent say they trust Baker to stand up for women’s rights, while 34 percent do not.

The most recent Boston Globe poll also showed a tight gubernatorial race, with Baker leading 40 to 38 percent.

The Herald survey found 53 percent favor keeping the state’s casino law in place, while 38 percent want to repeal the measure.

The poll also tested public opinion on three other ballot measures. The survey found 51 percent of voters favor keeping a law in place that ties gas tax hikes to inflation, while 36 percent would repeal the measure.

Fifty-eight percent say they want to keep the bottle redemption law as is, while 34 percent would expand it to include bottled water, sports drinks, and other beverages not covered by the current statute.

Forty-seven percent favor a measure that would mandate earned sick time, while 35 percent would oppose.

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