A large number of students and others affiliated with Harvard University received an e-mailed death threat on Friday, prompting an increase in security around the Ivy League campus.

In a written advisory to the campus community, Harvard police said that “hundreds of Harvard students and affiliates” received an e-mail at about 4:45 p.m. in which the author threatened to gun down recipients on campus on Saturday.

In the profanity-laced e-mail, which the Globe obtained Friday night, the writer says, “I will come tomorrow in (sic) Harvard University (sic) and shoot all of you each one of you. all Harvard students, I will kill you individually. I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 clock in your [expletive] university and will kill you, you sons of [expletive]. Even Mark Zuckerberg of facebook I will kill. I’m going to kill every one of you.”


Zuckerberg is a former Harvard student and a co-founder of the social networking site, Facebook.

Campus police said Friday that they could not yet determine whether the threat was credible and urged students to review the school’s safety guidelines available on a university website.

“Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) immediately began investigating [the threat], and also notified other local law enforcement agencies as well as the FBI,” the advisory said, adding that campus police would increase their presence on school grounds over the weekend.

The author of the threatening message, which was obtained by the Globe on Friday night, claimed to be a woman named Stephanie living in Boston.

A university spokesman said he had not been informed Friday night of any weekend events being canceled.

Cambridge police and FBI representatives said they were assisting in the investigation but referred additional questions to Harvard.

The threat is similar to an incident in February 2013, when Cambridge police received an electronic message reporting that an armed man dressed in body armor was on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus.


The report was a hoax.

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