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Are you ready to vote on election day?

Next week’s big statewide election is fast approaching. To help you quickly get up to speed on the governor’s race, ballot questions, and all the polling, I’ve put together a pre-election reading list, featuring materials I’ve written over the last few months along with some recommendations for other useful sources.

Governor’s race

Plenty to discuss from a recent gubernatorial debate

Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley managed to give direct, detailed, and meaty answers on a wide variety of subjects.

Can you judge a candidate by his or her words?

Want to know where the candidates stand? Here’s one approach: Listen to what they say. Here’s a breakdown of the words appear most frequently on each candidate’s website.

Inside Baker’s economic plan, Coakley’s education offer


Charlie Baker’s proposal is far more expensive than he has admitted, and Martha Coakley’s plan is less ambitious than her rhetoric suggests.

Question 4 versus the Baker sick-time plan

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Here’s another place where the candidates disagree: which workers should get guaranteed paid sick time.

Ballot questions

Everyone gets sick. Should everyone get sick days?

Come November, Massachusetts voters get to decide whether all workers should have the right to earn sick time.

Voters can make the Everett casino disappear

Before Steve Wynn can break ground in Everett he’ll have to convince Massachusetts voters to support him.

Polls and turnout

Do you vote differently because of the polls?

In recent months, political scientists and professional pollsters around Massachusetts have been engaged in a tense debate about how polling affects voters.

Lots of people won’t vote in November. What’s the best way to fix that?


Massachusetts will soon implement early voting, but there’s a strong consensus among researchers that it doesn’t work.

Why were the primary polls so far off?

Polls had predicted the correct winners in major races, but they were wrong in other, important ways.

On state politics

Gridlock in D.C., action in the states

Just because Congress is doing less, that doesn’t mean less is getting done. It just means states have to lead.

Low marks for state on government transparency

A recent report ranks Massachusetts the 37th most transparent state when it comes to budgeting.

One-party rule comes with risks and rewards

For the past 56 years, Democrats have not only maintained their majority in Massachusetts but also expanded it.

Further reading


• Everything from the Boston Globe’s Capital team

• WBUR’s Poll Vault

• WGBH’s Mass. Politics Profs

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