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Bump staves off 2 challengers, keeps auditing job

Suzanne M. BumpAP/File

Democratic State Auditor Suzanne Bump fended off a challenge Tuesday from Republican Patricia Saint Aubin and Green-Rainbow candidate MK Merelice.

The Associated Press called the race shortly after 10:30 p.m.

Bump, a Democrat who was elected in 2010, runs an office that scrutinizes how state agencies use taxpayer money. The office is expected to guard against waste, fraud, and abuse.

Bump argued during the campaign that she had worked to professionalize an agency that was lagging behind its national peers, pointing out that she had found more than $400 million in money that was being improperly used.

Saint Aubin said she would use the office to make state government prove that it is putting public money to its best use.


Merelice said she planned to push for the use of state resources "for the benefit of all people, our planet, and a peace-making economy."

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