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Secretary of State

Galvin to remain Secretary of State

Secretary of State William GalvinJessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Massachusetts Secretary of State William F. Galvin won reelection Tuesday, according to an Associated Press projection, a victory that will propel the longtime official into his third decade in office.

Galvin, a Democrat, won the job in 1995. This year he faced challenges from Republican David D’Arcangelo and Daniel Factor of the Green-Rainbow party.

Galvin ran a quiet campaign against his little-known opponents, pledging on his website to use the state’s third-highest office to “seek to open as wide as possible to meaningful participation by citizens the processes that affect our daily lives.”

He has faced some questions recently over the scant recordkeeping of his office’s decision to award nearly $440,000 in contracts to a consulting firm that has worked for three of his reelection campaigns.


D’Arcangelo said he believed it was time for a change in management in the agency. He promised to modernize the office and expand its role in bringing transparency to state and local government.

Factor supported an “Economic Bill of Rights, to guarantee people the right of healthy food, clean water, decent single-payer health care, the right of everyone to have basic shelter, and the right to live in a free and fair environment.”

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