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How many US communities are named ‘Plymouth?’

30 US cities, towns, and townships share the name of the first Thanksgiving locale

A Thanksgiving parade float in 2013.Debee Tlumacki for the Boston Globe

In 1621, a group of religious pilgrims shared a meal with members of the Pokanoket tribe in what is now Plymouth, Mass. This year, people are enjoying Thanksgiving meals in Plymouth, Calif., Plymouth, N.C., and Plymouth, Utah.

The seaside Massachusetts town where the first Thanksgiving meal was celebrated is arguably the best-known “Plymouth,” but there are 30 cities, towns, and townships around the country sharing the name, according to the US Census.

Plymouth, Minn., is the largest municipality with the name in the United States. Its population is about 74,000 people. The smallest Plymouth is a township of 46 residents in North Dakota.


In Wisconsin, there are four Plymouths — three towns and a city. In Ohio, there are three. In Michigan, two.

Plymouth also shows up as a county name in two states: Iowa and Massachusetts.

Plymouth, Mass., was named for a city in England, as were many of the state’s cities and towns. But the name has spread throughout the country.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are the communities around the United States named Plymouth.

Municipality State Population
Plymouth city Minnesota 73,987
Plymouth town Massachusetts 56,574
Plymouth charter township Michigan 27,411
Plymouth township Pennsylvania 16,506
Plymouth town Connecticut 12,193
Plymouth city Indiana 10,045
Plymouth city Michigan 8,952
Plymouth city Wisconsin 8,391
Plymouth town New Hampshire 6,959
Plymouth township North Carolina 6,723
Plymouth town Wisconsin 3,185
Plymouth township Ohio 2,271
Plymouth township Ohio 2,138
Plymouth town New York 1,860
Plymouth village Ohio 1,795
Plymouth township Pennsylvania 1,728
Plymouth city California 1,328
Plymouth town Wisconsin 1,242
Plymouth town Maine 1,163
Plymouth township Iowa 1,038
New Plymouth city Idaho 1,032
Plymouth district Virginia 1,032
Plymouth town Wisconsin 549
Plymouth town Vermont 495
Plymouth village Illinois 458
Plymouth village Nebraska 386
Plymouth city Iowa 373
Plymouth town Utah 298
Plymouth township Kansas 212
Plymouth township North Dakota 46

DATA: 2012 American Community Survey

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Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the largest municipality with the name Plymouth in the United States. It is Plymouth, Minn.