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Keene State disciplines 170 students after pumpkin festival riots

Keene State College has disciplined 170 of its students for participating in the riots that occurred while the city of Keene, N.H., was holding its annual pumpkin festival in October, college officials said.

Allegations against the students range from alcohol policy violations to disorderly and disruptive behavior, according to a statement Monday from college president Anne Huot .

Two students were expelled, while another withdrew, said college spokeswoman Kelly Ricaurte. Nine were suspended. Others faced sanctions such as probation, fines, and restitution payment, she said.

Ricaurte said the school’s process is separate from the legal system, but Keene police and the college have been working “closely with each other.”


Riots broke out in and around campus Oct. 18 and 19, during the Keene Pumpkin Festival , the Globe reported.

More than 80 initial arrests were made, said Keene police Lieutenant Steve Stewart. An investigation resulted in 16 more after people were identified from photographs taken of alleged criminal acts, Stewart said. Stewart expects more.

Huot said in the statement that the college holds students accountable to the Code of Conduct, and “sanctions were thoughtfully imposed .”

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