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Pharmacy allegedly used fake names for bulk production

Compounding pharmacies exist to help patients get rarely used drugs that aren’t available on the mass market. They’re not supposed to make any drugs unless they have a specific patient who needs them.

But among the claims leveled Wednesday against the operators of New England Compounding Center is an allegation that they used outlandish fake names — including those of celebrities and fictional characters — to justify the bulk production of some drugs.

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According to a federal indictment, the company created fraudulent prescriptions for the likes of Method Man, Wonder Woman, Tyler Perry, Bud Weiser, David Letterman, Ned Flanders, Burt Reynolds, Betty Ford, and “Chester Cheeto.”


Though some of the references make light of popular culture figures, they are part of a set of serious allegations. Authorities say the fraudulent details show that the company deliberately operated outside of the bounds of federal rules.

Also laid out in the indictment are allegations related to the production of drugs that sickened many. There have been at least 64 deaths confirmed as related to the nationwide outbreak in 2012.

Below, find a full accounting of the alleged fake names.

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