Governor Patrick’s daughter gets engaged

Governor Deval Patrick’s daughter, Katherine, is engaged to marry Alisha Marie Lemieux, of New Bedford, the governor’s office announced on Friday.

Katherine Patrick (left) is engaged to marry Alisha Marie Lemieux.
Katherine Patrick (left) is engaged to marry Alisha Marie Lemieux.

A graduate of Smith College, Katherine Patrick now lives in the Bay Area, where she’s studying for her doctorate in psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, Calif.

Lemieux is studying for her bachelor’s degree in sociology at Mills College in Oakland, Calif.

Katherine Patrick made news in 2008 when she came out publicly in Bay Windows, a weekly newspaper aimed at the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community. A year earlier, she’d come out to her mother and the governor, who had just helped keep gay marriage legal in Massachusetts.


Patrick’s older daughter, Sarah Baker Patrick, got married in 2011. The governor officiated at her wedding to Marco Morgese at the family’s “Sweet P Farm’’ in Richmond.

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