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Framingham police release video of bizarre meat-throwing incident

Framingham police recently released video of a bizarre incident that occurred in the lobby of the police station Dec. 26.

The video footage shows a woman dressed in a jacket and plaid pajama pants entering the police station carrying a Dunkin’ Donuts box in her hands. She walks up to the dispatch area, opens the box, takes out a handful of raw bacon and slams it against the window, smearing it on the glass. She then proceeds to throw uncooked sausages at the dispatcher’s window until the box is emptied. At that point, two uniformed officers emerge and place her in handcuffs, and walk her out of the lobby.


Lindsey McNamara, 24, of Ashland was arrested and charged with malicious destruction of property and disorderly conduct.

Her arraignment is scheduled for Feb. 9, according to the Framingham District Court clerk’s office.