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A look at the online opposition to Boston hosting the 2024 Olympics

Who used the hashtags #Boston2024 and #NoBostonOlympics based on their interests

This graphic shows the percentage of users interested in a topic who tweeted under #Boston2024 and #NoBostonOlympics. For example, 16 percent of people who used the hashtag #Boston2024 had an interest in basketball. From the ones using #NoBostonOlympics, only 4.5 percent had interest in basketball. Interests were determined based on an algorithm by Crimson Hexagon that considers who the person follows, the text the person tweets, and the content that appears in the person's feed.

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Green denotes prevalence of #Boston2024 which is Tweeted both generally and favorably. Red indicates prevalence of #NoBostonOlympics, used mostly by those who oppose the plan for the local Olympics.

DATA: Crimson Hexagon

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