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Evan Falchuk.
Evan Falchuk.Elise Amendola/AP/File 2014

Evan Falchuk, former gubernatorial candidate and chair of the United Independent Party, on Thursday filed paperwork to create a ballot question committee to pursue a referendum on Boston’s bid to host the 2024 Olympics, he said.

Creating a committee will allow the effort to raise money, Falchuk said in an interview.

Falchuk said he was still working on potential language for a ballot question, but the purpose would be to restrict the ability of the government to put tax money toward the Games, he said.

“Raising critical questions about the billions the Games would cost, as well as security and traffic concerns, doesn’t make anyone a ‘naysayer,’ “ Falchuk said in a statement. “It makes us taxpaying, thinking adults who see the value of putting things like our seniors, veterans and kids in school above something like hosting the Olympics.”


Getting a question on the ballot would be a labor-intensive process requiring the collection of tens of thousands of signatures, he said.

The former candidate cited outstanding “unanswered questions” about the Olympic bid..

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