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Patriots fans take to streets, parks of Boston in celebration

(Boston Globe) Fans in Fenway jubilant but orderly after Patriots Super Bowl victory. By Scott LaPierre / Globe Staff
(Boston Globe) Fans in Fenway jubilant but orderly after Patriots Super Bowl victory. By Scott LaPierre / Globe Staff

Patriots fans filled sidewalks and gathered in outdoor public spaces around Boston Sunday night after the New England Patriots’ victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX.

Hundreds of young fans ran through downtown streets screaming and cheering, despite temperatures that fell to the teens by 11 p.m., with a wind chill as low as 12 degrees.

A strong police presence was visible alongside the crowd, which appeared to be jubilant but orderly. Shortly before 12:30 a.m., Boston police tweeted that no arrests were made during the celebrations.

“Way to make your team & city proud,” the department posted on its official Twitter account.


On Boston Common, hundreds gathered on and around the Parkman Bandstand, waving Patriots flags, throwing snowballs, and chanting, “USA! USA!”

A ring of of Boston police officers looked on as more fans joined the crowd, which appeared to consist mostly of students from local colleges, who dispersed almost as quickly as they had poured inot the Common.

Brothers Shaun McGovern, 23, and Pat McGovern, 21, were among the jubilant crowd.

“We’ve seen many Super Bowls, but this was just the greatest,” said Shaun McGovern.

“I feel amazing,” Pat McGovern said. “We’ve lost so much lately, but when I saw the interception, we just went crazy.”

Celebratory crowds also poured into Copley Square in the minutes following the game. By the hundreds, they matched down Boylston Street, some skipping and others singing.

Cries of “We won the Super Bowl” resounded, echoing off New England’s tallest buildings.

One group of college-aged revelers sang, “When the Pats come marching in ...”

Police on bicycles stood sentinel, occasionally motioning to drivers to slow down as car horns serenaded fans.

On Friday, Boston police and Mayor Martin J. Walsh asked area residents to behave responsibly in celebrating a potential Super Bowl win, saying they would take a “no tolerance” approach to public drinking, property destruction, and other dangerous behavior.


“We’re going to be able to cheer on the Patriots, but whatever the outcome in Boston, we’re going to put public safety first,” Walsh said at a City Hall news conference. “We’re not going to allow celebrations to become an excuse for dangerous and illegal behavior.”

In a statement tonight after the Patriots victory, Walsh lauded the team.

“Congratulations to Patriots and all of Patriot Nation on a well-earned Super Bowl victory. You have made Boston and New England proud -- cue the duck boats!”

Students in Amherst were not dissuaded from celebrating outside despite temperatures similar to those in Boston, in the low 20s with a wind chill near 11 degrees.

The mood was celebratory but peaceful at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where gatherings in the past have turned destructive.

“Students are not really doing as much as they did a few years ago,” said UMass student Sonia Jethro-Enedouwa. “It’s more like a celebration, and everyone is happy.”

Hundreds of students gathered in the campus’s Southwest Residential Area courtyard for about an hour. More than a dozen students were escorted away for disorderly conduct, but most celebrated without incident.

“I wouldn’t call it a riot,” said Pranit Lahoty, a UMass Amherst student. “I think it has just been a collective celebration.”

Fans celebrated on Boylston Street in Boston after the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks. Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

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