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Website lets residents zero in on snow facts

As hills of snow grow into mountains and streets narrow, Bostonians reeling from two powerful storms in the past week are surely wondering how the city’s cleanup is proceeding.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh revealed his answer Monday, with the launch of a website, snowstats.boston.gov, which gives residents a firsthand look at the city’s street-clearing efforts.

“Snow Stats brings the people of Boston closer to municipal government,” Walsh said in a statement. “With this tool, residents will now be directly connected to the snow and ice removal process in their neighborhoods.’’

Residents can log on to the site, type in their home address, and get real-time information on snow-clearing in their neighborhoods. The site, conceived by the Department of Innovation and Technology, the Public Works Department, and the Office of New Urban Mechanics, provides data for the whole city.


The site, updated throughout the day, tells residents who is plowing in their neighborhood, how long they have been working, and how much snow has been cleared. It also provides data on how much more plowing needs to be done.

In the Mattapan neighborhood surrounding 1551 Blue Hill Ave., 74 percent of the snow had been cleared by late Monday afternoon, 185 miles had been plowed, and five snowplow drivers remained on duty, according to the site.

In East Boston’s Maverick Square, 75 percent of the streets had been cleaned by late Monday afternoon, 70 miles had been plowed, and nine snowplow drivers were on duty.

About 4 p.m. Monday, six snowplow drivers — Sean Patrick, John, Keane, Doherty, Stephen, and PJ — toiled in the 200 block of Dorchester Avenue, part of a neighborhood where 56 percent of the streets had been plowed by Boston crews.

Sean Patrick, according to the city, had been on the job for eight hours, while Doherty and Keane had logged 12 hours behind the wheel.


In addition to street-level information, the site keeps tabs on total miles plowed, amount of salt used, and snow depths.

It also keeps track of each task performed, such as preparation, plowing, and salting.

By 10 p.m. Monday, this was the chronicle of wintertime misery so far this season:

Miles plowed: 144,418

Tons of salt used: 51,547

Hours plowed: 79,299

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