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Winter vaults into ranks of all-time snowiest

Had enough yet? Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Updated on March 4 to note latest snow totals.

The snow has seemed like it would never stop coming this winter — and it’s poised to break the all-time record.

As of March 4, 105.7 inches of snow had been recorded in Boston, the second-snowiest season ever recorded, the National Weather Service said.

The winter of 1995-1996 was the snowiest on record, with 107.6 inches recorded in the city. That season saw several consecutive months of heavy snowfall. This winter the vast majority of the snow has been dumped since late January.

Could we break the all-time record this year? It would take just another 2 inches. What the heck! Why not?


Stay tuned.

Here’s the all-time leaderboard as it stands today:

1995-1996: 107.6 inches

2014-2015: 105.7 inches

1993-1994 : 96.3 inches

1947-1948: 89.2 inches

2004-2005: 86.6 inches

1977-1978: 85.1 inches

1992-1993: 83.9 inches

2010-2011: 81.0 inches

1915-1916: 79.2 inches

1919-1920: 73.4 inches

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