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Jamaica Plain residents belly up to a homemade snow bar

The snow bar has brought some neighbors out of their homes. Courtesy of Matt Fecteau
Courtesy of Kristy Nardone

Chris Haynes had shoveled his property in Jamaica Plain through three snowstorms. After the fourth one hit, he decided to try something a little more creative.

Haynes took advantage of a day off from work to hollow out an outdoor cocktail lounge from the piles of snow in his front yard. For the past week, he’s been inviting friends and neighbors over to relax in his colorful spot, complete with outdoor lighting.

“He had been shoveling for most of the day, and he decided that he wanted to do something fun and constructive,” said Haynes’ wife, Kristy Nardone, who came home to the surprise of the frozen bar space. “And, voilà! There was a snow bar.”


Originally from Texas, the couple has endured the harsh winter conditions in New England for years, but said this season has been by far the worst.

Nardone said her husband spent hours building up the structure, starting on Presidents Day.

After putting the finishing touches on the “ice bar,” Haynes illuminated his snow creation with solar lights typically used for the yard in summer.

Then they got the party started.

“That first evening, our neighbors popped by for a look,” Nardone said. “Later that week, we had dinner plans with friends from Roslindale and they ended up coming by our house first for a Moscow Mule at the snow bar.”

The couple, who live at the end of a cul-de-sac, had a lot of snow to work with — even beyond what fell during the storms — because of the buildup from snowplows and snowblowers.

With the excess snow, Haynes continued working on the bar, and on Saturday built an extension, which included bench seating for additional guests, and some more lighting to set the mood.

Nardone said even though the snow is at risk of melting, she’s hoping the cold weather will help them keep the bar around through the week.


“We hope it’s still around on Friday, when we plan to have a couple of other friends over,” she said. “It is still functioning well, and our friends and neighbors are enjoying it.”

Courtesy of Dave Pitzold

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