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Judge to decide on bail for Uber driver accused of rape, kidnapping

Details of case heard in court

WOBURN — An Uber driver held without bail since December on charges of kidnapping and raping a Cambridge woman will learn Monday whether he must remain in jail while awaiting trial, a judge said Friday.

After hearing details of the case in Middlesex Superior Court, Judge Thomas Billings said he will review documents entered into evidence and render a decision on bail on Monday.

Alejandro Done, 46, allegedly picked up the woman on Tremont Street near Boston Common on the evening of Dec. 6, drove her to a secluded area, raped and physically assaulted her, then dropped her off at her home in Cambridge.


Done has pleaded not guilty to charges of rape, assault to rape, kidnapping, and two counts of assault and battery.

Prosecution and defense lawyers appearing before Billings on Friday gave disparate descriptions of Done.

Assistant District Attorney Kate Kleimola alleged that Done had premeditatedly attacked and raped the woman who mistakenly got into the wrong Uber car after drinks with friends, and that he returned to driving other passengers afterward, discarding the victim’s wallet along the way.

Kleimola suggested that if Done receives bail, he may flee home to the Dominican Republic, from which he emigrated 15 years ago and where his wife still lives.

Defense attorney Timothy J. Bradl, however, said Done is a family man with no criminal record who worked three jobs to support his 11-year-old daughter, who lives with him in the South End, and was trying to bring his wife to Boston.

Bradl said Done wanted to help the woman he picked up “on an awful, cold, rainy night.”

“This case is words, is allegations by the complainant,” Bradl said. “All these maps and cell towers and GPS is not incriminating in the least.”

While no physical evidence has yet tied Done to the crime, Kleimola said, GPS records provided by Uber show that his movements match the events described by the victim, and biological material from a rape kit that has not yet been tested is expected to confirm his identity.


Tamayo Manzanillo, 33, who is Done’s cousin and an Uber driver, testified that Done lost his day job in regulatory compliance at the bank BNY Mellon after his arrest. Manzanillo said Done had told him “that he’s innocent, and that we shouldn’t be ashamed of what’s going on because he hasn’t done anything.”

Cambridge police detective Michael Schwartz testified Friday that the victim’s wallet was found in a driveway at 299 Broadway in Cambridge, a location that Kleimola said Uber GPS records showed Done had passed that night.

Done, who has become a US citizen and lives in the Methunion Manor affordable housing community, wiped tears from his eyes at the conclusion of Schwartz’s testimony.

In requesting bail, Bradl said Done would agree to wearing a monitoring bracelet and to a curfew.

Done faces eight to 12 years in prison if convicted of the most serious charges against him, Kleimola said.

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