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What will Somerville do with all its parking space savers?

Seized possessions litter the space saver graveyard in Somerville. Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Somerville officials are calling on winter-weary residents to come up with creative ways to dispose of, or recycle, the mound of parking space savers that the Department of Public Works has collected during the last two months.

Space savers are barred in Somerville, regardless of who shoveled out a parking spot, so workers have been taking them as they clear and plow side streets, tossing them in a lot located near the department’s headquarters.

Now they are trying to find a way to use them to celebrate the end of winter, and everything is on the table.

“Normally we would dispose of space savers like we would any other garbage,” said city spokeswoman Denise Taylor. “This has been an unusual winter though, and we have all managed to make it through, so this may have to be some type of a symbolic celebration as we get rid of these.”


Workers have been collecting the items left in shoveled-out spaces and dropping them off at a special lot called the “graveyard.”

Taylor said the city will cast a wide net once most of the snow is removed from the streets, and solicit feedback from residents as to what will become of the space savers.

Given Somerville’s reputation for creativity, the discarded objects could become a monument or art project.

“With a city like Somerville, who knows what will come back to us” for suggestions, Taylor said.

“We have discussed what we should do this spring to mark the end of winter, and if this heap becomes a part of that, then so be it,” she said.

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