Where Boston handed out tickets for unshoveled sidewalks

A total of 4,994 tickets were issued to 3,515 different addresses across Boston for unshoveled sidewalks as of March 10, according to city records.

It was the highest ticket total since 2005, the oldest year available through the city’s web-based open data portal.

Among the past nine winters, the next highest annual total for unshoveled sidewalk violations came in 2009, when 3,262 tickets were issued. The third highest unshoveled sidewalk fine total was 3,213 in 2013, the data shows.


The high total this year was reached even though city officials said they were more lenient this winter, and often gave property owners a break if they didn’t carve paths quite wide enough, or if they didn’t scrape all the way down to the pavement.

Where Boston handed out tickets for unshoveled sidewalks in 2015

The map shows all 4,994 addresses that have received a fine during 2015

DATA: City of Boston

Matt Rocheleau/Globe Staff

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