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Inside Marathon Sports, fans find a test of endurance

Steve Annear/Globe Staff

Near the Boston Marathon finish line Monday, even the spectators are getting the opportunity to test their endurance.

Inside Marathon Sports, the store near one of the bombing sites from 2013, patrons are taking on physical challenges.

When Judy Seliger stepped through the door, she expected to peruse the athletic gear. A moment later, she found herself planking on the ground for an entire minute, tossing in some pushups for good measure.

“It was fun. I love working out, so this was a nice surprise,” she said.

Cool Gear International, A Plymouth-based hydration company, is getting people to do jumping jacks, burpees, pushups, high knees, or planks in order to snag some free gear.


“I get the pleasure of working out all day on a Monday. I could be sitting behind a desk, but this is much better,” said Rebecca Staaf, marketing manager for Cool Gear International.

Kyle Bianchi thought he was coming in with a friend to buy a T-shirt. Then he was suddenly facing off with Staaf, doing a series of burpees. The exercise combines a squat and a pushup.

By the end, his face was red, and he was slightly winded.

“It was good. She was beating me at first, but I think I came back at the end,” he said.

Scott Kinsman also chose to plank for his free gear, rather than do jumping jacks or burpees.

It was the first time in his life he had ever tried the exercise.

“It was tough,” he said, laughing with surprise at the impromptu workout.

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