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JK Rowling includes ‘Elizabeth Warren’ in Harry Potter series

British author JK Rowling name-checked Elizabeth Warren on Monday morning, setting Twitter ablaze with theories that the Harry Potter author was dipping into politics on this side of the pond. Responding to a reader inquiry on Twitter, the author of the Harry Potter series revealed the full name of a minor character heretofore known only as “Moaning Myrtle” to be “Myrtle Elizabeth Warren.”

Rowling seemed to recognize swiftly that she had triggered interest from US government dorks – and tried to tamp down the notion that Massachusetts’ senior senator inspired the name. “Nothing to do with the United States Elizabeth Warren I hasten to add!” Rowling posted on Twitter. “ ‘Elizabeth’ is just one of those classic British middle names.”


For those who don’t recall, ‘Moaning Myrtle’ attended Hogwarts well before Potter and his gang of friends. She’d been frequently mocked for her glasses and pimples and then became one of Lord Voldemort’s early victims, according to a Harry Potter wiki. She appears in the series as a ghost haunting various bathrooms where Potter and his friends meet.

A spokeswoman for the real Elizabeth Warren didn’t respond to our cheeky request for comment. Perhaps she was in the loo.

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