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Voter casting a ballot in Brewster leaves behind teeth

Teeth were left at the polling booth in Brewster.Town of Brewster

It seems that someone in Brewster was champing at the bit to exit the voting booth as quickly as possible after casting a ballot during Tuesday’s town election.

Just a few hours before the polls closed, officials from the Cape Cod town used Twitter and Facebook to notify constituents that someone had left behind their dentures in the polling place:

“Anyone recognize these?” the town said in a follow-up Tweet.

J.P. Ludwig, Brewster’s media services coordinator and author of the tweets, said volunteers at the Brewster Baptist Church, the town’s sole polling station, discovered the teeth while making a sweep of the room.


“Someone left it there in the booth,” he said. “So far, that’s been the only hiccup during the election.”

Because Brewster is a small town, Ludwig was confident that by flexing his social media prowess he could reunite the teeth with their rightful owner.

Before the polls closed at 8 p.m., someone claimed the false teeth.

“Happy ending,” the town tweeted.

Ludwig said he regularly shares interesting or unusual pictures and announcements on Twitter and Facebook in hopes of capturing an audience and amassing a following. He said he wants to get more Brewster residents to track issues in town through social media, even though many residents are a bit older.

While unique, Ludwig said by no means was Tuesday’s abandoned-teeth incident the strangest voting-related event he’s encountered since he started running the social media accounts a few years ago.

“Last November, during an election, there was a resident who was hit by a car in a parking lot, but he came in and voted anyways,” he said.

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