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Geese nesting outside of Beth Israel relocated to Muddy River

The mother goose before she flew the coop with her hatchlings. Animal Rescue League of Boston

A new family is moving from their home in an empty concrete planter outside of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center’s West campus to an eggs-cellent new location.

The family of geese, which became a local sensation and inspired chatter on social media, were moved by the Animal Rescue League of Boston from their nest next to a parking garage on Crossover Street this week to the nearby Muddy River.

“They kind of became mascots, and people took a lot of interest in them,” said Brendan Raftery, the hospital’s maintenance supervisor. “They became quite the thing here.”

The geese took over the planter outside of the hospital in mid-April. While they nested, hospital officials cordoned off the area with caution tape, signs, orange cones, and barriers, warning people to steer clear.


“I think what everyone was trying to do was give mom and dad the room to do what they needed to do. They were very protective of the eggs,” said hospital spokesman Jerry Berger.

Mike Trzcinski, a Beth Israel groundskeeper, assumed the role of caretaker, using his birding expertise to keep the geese safe as they tried to hatch their eggs, said Raftery.

Workers initially believed the mother goose had laid six eggs, but in the end, only four goslings appeared.

Raftery said the first of the eggs hatched Monday, drawing a crowd as the baby chick entered the world. The rest of the hatchlings poked their heads through Tuesday, before the Animal Rescue League stepped in and brought the birds safely to the river’s edge.

Raftery said after seeing the birds regularly on the hospital grounds, he was sad to watch them go.

“But we’re relieved that they are safe and intact. They made it down to the river safe and sound,” he said.

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