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Police were called to Triton Regional Middle School in Newbury Thursday after a teacher found a “kill list” in a student’s journal, officials said.

Shortly before dismissal Thursday afternoon, the teacher discovered a list of six or seven student names under the heading “Kill List” in a seventh-grade girl’s journal, Triton Regional School District Superintendent Christopher Farmer said.

Another student, also a seventh-grade girl, was found to have co-written the list, he said.

Police and the parents of both students were called to the school, where a series of interviews were conducted.

“Police determined there was no clear or present danger to students in the school,” Farmer said in a telephone interview Friday.


The families of all students on the list were notified, and a letter explaining the situation was circulated to students, family, and faculty in the school district.

Farmer said the administration imposed “appropriate consequences” on the authors of the list, but would not specify what they were, citing concerns for the students’ privacy.

“We have taken all the necessary steps to ensure our students are safe,” he said.

Police will continue to monitor the risk posed by the two students. They found no weapons in the girls’ homes, Farmer said.

Triton Regional schools will end the school year Tuesday.

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