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City solicits guesses on when lingering snow mound melts

Debris covered the lingering South Boston snow pile at the end of May.
Debris covered the lingering South Boston snow pile at the end of May. Elise Amendola/Associated Press

Trying to secure a meeting with Mayor Martin J. Walsh? All you have to do is guess exactly when the giant South Boston snow mound, a lingering reminder of the relentless winter, will finally dissolve.

On Thursday, Walsh’s office launched a contest inviting residents to weigh in on social media and predict the pile’s demise.

“This is a fun and creative way for residents to come together and make light of what was a long, challenging winter,” said Walsh in a statement.

Although it’s officially summer, and temperatures have soared into the 80s, the snow mound refuses to go away.


This winter, Department of Public Works crews removed over 40,000 truckloads of snow from the streets, carrying the bulk of it to a city-owned lot on Tide Street.

What was once a 75-foot-high snow pile has been significantly reduced by the sun, but it has led to a new problem — garbage cleanup.

As plows cleared the city streets of snow, they also scooped up everything else. Fire hydrants, signs, newspaper boxes, and hubcaps, among other things, are scattered throughout the unsightly mound.

By May, city workers had cleared away 85 tons of debris from the pile. Add to that the 30 tons of trash that was removed on Wednesday.

To enter the mayor’s contest, participants have to tweet Walsh using the hashtag #BOSMeltNow. The message should include the month and day a contestant believes the snow will finally disappear. Submissions are due by July 15.

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