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No Boston Olympics group to celebrate pulled bid

Who needs a weekslong sporting event to celebrate Boston’s greatness? Not the folks behind the push to get city officials to back down from hosting the 2024 Summer Games, apparently.

Minutes after news broke that the United States Olympic Committee is pulling Boston’s bid for the games, organizers from the grassroots group No Boston Olympics sent out a congratulatory message to their supporters, and announced a party was in order.

Organizers said they plan to meet at the Beantown Pub on Tremont Street Monday night to celebrate those who have invested “so much in this effort” to fight the Olympics proposal.


“Boston is a world-class city. We are a city with an important past and a bright future. We got that way by thinking big, but also thinking smart. We need to move forward as a city, and today’s decision allows us to do that on our own terms, not the terms of the USOC or the [International Olympics Committee],” the group said in a statement. “We’re better off for having passed on Boston 2024.”

The USOC and officials from Boston 2024, the local group behind the efforts to host the games, came to a mutual agreement to withdraw the city’s bid Monday afternoon, citing lackluster public support.

The announcement came just hours after Mayor Martin J. Walsh said he wouldn’t bend to pressure from Olympics officials to sign a host-city contract that could put the taxpayers at risk.

A second anti-Olympics group also praised news of the abandoned bid on Monday.

Members of No Boston 2024, who have relied heavily on social media to get their message out, said the victory was the result of tireless efforts from local activisits and residents across the region.

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