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BU bans chairman of white ‘conservation’ group

Boston University has banned a leading member of a white “conservation organization” from campus after he and others distributed flyers calling for the termination of a black professor who posted racially charged tweets in May.

A notice from BU’s executive director of public safety warned National Youth Front chairman Angelo John Gage to stay away from the school’s property, or risk trespassing charges or arrest.

“Effective immediately, you [are] hereby notified that you are forbidden to enter or remain upon any of the properties of Boston University,” the letter read.

The National Youth Front is described as an “elite youth preservationist organization” that’s dedicated to “preserving White European peoples, cultures, and societies,” according to its website.


Gage recently shared the correspondence from BU — and a video of himself reading it — online.

“I violated no laws, I didn’t vandalize anything; all I did was protest against anti-white hatred at BU,” Gage, a former Marine, said in an e-mail to the Globe. “I wear this ban as a badge of honor.”

School officials confirmed the letter’s authenticity.

According to BU spokesman Colin Riley, the school sent the letter in response to a July campaign launched by the National Youth Front called “Operation Grumpy Grundy.”

As part of the campaign, participants hung flyers around BU’s campus, criticizing assistant professor Saida Grundy for a series of posts on her Twitter account. The group also called BU “antiwhite.”

Grundy’s tweets included one that said Americans are unwilling to identify white college males as a “problem population.”

In response, the National Youth Front placed the flyers, that said, “Black Privilege Means Not Being Fired After Saying That White College Males Are A Problem Population.”

After stirring up controversy online, Grundy later apologized for how she expressed her thoughts, but not the actual content.


Grundy is one of 17 newly hired assistant professors who will begin teaching at the school this fall.

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